Stefan Gruber is a Seattle based animator. To see more his work check his web site, the fantasy pleasure complex, at

This piece was produced by Kindred Media for Nancy Guppy's Seattle Channel show In Studio.

Producer - Patricia O'Brien
DP - Gabriel Miller
Editor - Patricia O'Brien
Opening Music - Noah Dassel

Thanks to:

Stefan Gruber -

Nova High School -

Nova Student - Danton Domike-

Ballard Public Library

Curan Dory Gross

Lynne White (Stefan's Mom)

Brian Chapman

Haruko Nishimura - Degenerate Art Ensemble

Paige Barnes for use of still from Stenophobia

Director Paige Barnes
Group Name: Paige Barnes and The Grizzlies
Photographer: David Rueter
Title of Piece: Stenophobia (the fear of narrow spaces)

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