P147 Parash 43 Masa’ei (Stages) B’midbar 33:1-36:13

B’midbar / Numbers 35 –
Orders having been given before for the dividing of the land of Canaan among the lay-tribes (as I may call them), care is here taken for a competent provision for the cohen, the tribe of Levi, which ministered in holy things. Though the tribe of Levi had no part in the division of the land, yet cities out of the several tribes are here ordered to be given them to dwell in, to the number of forty eight, Num_35:1, six of which were to be cities of refuge, Num_35:9, but not for wilful murderers, in whatsoever way they might kill a man, Num_35:16, but for such who had killed a man unawares, Num_35:22, and several rules are given relating to such persons, Num_35:25, but no satisfaction was to be taken in case of murder, nor to excuse a person's return to his own house before the death of the high priest, who had fled to a city of refuge, that so the land might not be defiled, Num_35:30.
I. Forty-eight cities were to be assigned them, with their suburbs, some in every tribe (Num_35:1-8).
II. Six cities out of these were to be for cities of refuge, for any man that killed another unawares (Num_35:9-15). In the law concerning these observe, 1. In what case sanctuary was not allowed, namely, that of willful murder (Num_35:16-21). 2. In what cases it was allowed (Num_35:22-24). 3. What was the law concerning those that took shelter in these cities of refuge (Num_35:25, etc.).

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