University of Oregon Sports Product Management and In The Flicker ( present the third installment in our "In Conversation" series with sports product businesses in the Portland, OR area. Episode 3 joins Nike SB's 'P-Rod 7' Product Creation Team on the beautiful Nike campus in Beaverton, OR, to talk about the process of developing pro-skater Paul Rodriguez's shoe, the P-Rod 7. Join us for a quick segment exploring the world of name brand footwear development with a company that brings all the bang and all the wow it's been famous for all these years.

Visit UO's website to learn more about their proposed Masters in Sports Product Management, planned for Fall 2015. And check out the other episodes in the series:

Series & Program Trailer:
Episode 1 - Handful:
Episode 2 - KEEN:

"What Is Sports Product Management?" Presented by the University of Oregon and In The Flicker -
Produced by: Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, Erin Galey
Concept: Erin Galey, In The Flicker
Cinematography by:
Matt Baker -
Aerial Cinematography by:
Brian Dalyrmple & Craig Gruenewald -
Location Sound: Charlie James
Production Coordinator: Jay Gifford
Sound Mix: Anne Tolkkinen
Edit: Corey Kupfer, Erin Galey

"I Shine You Shine," "Tea And The Felly," and "Jazz Club Smokin," by Felly

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