Tammy, Todd, and the gang hurtle towards the end of the competition, hoping to win the $5,000 grant and vanquish Paulette Whack.

Written and Directed by
Andrew Nielson

Liz Days as Tammy Lawn
Lynn Berg as Todd Lawn
Stephan Amenta as Matthew Lawn
Susannah Jones as Gwendolyn Jones
Marie Cecile Anderson as Amber Burke
Linda Elizabeth as Chloe
Peggy Queener as Paulette Whack
Lauren Marcus as Delilah
Natasha Hanina as Bouncy Woman
LInda Wartenweiler as Pastor's Wife

Jay Palmieri
Mary Anderson
Arlene Moskowitz
Gregory Levine

Director of Photography-Gabriel Elder
Production Coordinator-Daniel Evans
Location Sound- Bimo Santoso
Script Supervisor-Candece Munroe
Hair and Makeup by Jenny Diaz
Special Thanks-Emily Essig

Filmed on location in New York City.

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