The song is the demo of Silk Tourniquet written for my next record, The Natural World, which I've just begun recording. I decided to challenge myself to make a video as DIY as possible, but something that still had a central emotion that could translate onto the screen relatively easily. Silk Tourniquet seemed like a good candidate. The song is about a difficult personal experience that the songwriting process itself was able to transmute from a dark weight into an energy that has become a touchstone of personal strength for me.
The logistics of the video are as simple as simple can get. One friend with a little Nikon camera, $35 worth of stuff from the local 99 cent store, the bathtub in my apartment, and my MacBook. After my friend went home, I worked through the raw footage we captured, combined it with the couple of takes I had filmed with my mac, and used iMovie to stitch together a visual narrative.
I had an absolute blast doing this little art project. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.
P.S. The dress I'm wearing is by the wonderful Jeanette Johnson of Sew in Love Couture, who worked with me to create a dress as oddly me as I am.

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