This first test I shot with my Krasnogorsk 3 after having it modified by Bernie O'Doherty of Super 16 Inc to an Ultra 16mm camera. The objective of the test was to see if the Tobin Systems crystal motor works properly, to determine the frame size compared to looking through the viewfinder, to test my various M42 mount lenses and their capabilities, and most importantly to test different film stocks for a short film we're working on.

The first shot is the frame test and when I was looking through the viewfinder the subject's head touched the top of the frame and his fingertips touched the sides. So after I got the footage back the actual frame cropped the top and bottom of the viewfinder and extended outward horizontally. Much of the framing is a little off because I didn't know what to expect at the time of shooting.

There are quite a range of lenses tested and some are better than others. Artistic merit was a secondary objective, and overall I'm happy with what information we gleaned from this test.

This is all directly from an unsupervised telecine by Cinelicious with no color corrections and no real edits besides cutting off the last few seconds at the end.

Music is just kind of slapped on there. It's The Arcade Fire, "Wake Up"

(The glass bottles were found at the scene and in hindsight we should of picked them up and disposed of them properly.)

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