The God Article is a project about a simple flute, the Turkish ney. This is an ancient instrument found throughout Asia and suffused with much cultural significance. Although, the ney is a simple object, it is notoriously difficult to play and to teach. The aim of this project was to develop 3D printed ney replicas augmented with sensors to measure sound, breath and fingering. We have experimented with different ways to measure how a musician interacts with the instrument, and how visual feedback around this can be used as an aid in teaching and performance. Turkish music is complex, and the project will also help transmit a classical tradition both in theory and practice, providing a prototype for the study and performance of flutes across cultures.

A project by:
John O'Connell
Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
Ant Mace
Aris Bezas
Stefan Goodchild

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