This music video is produced to be showcased at Sonia and Romi's wedding reception on August 3, 2014. Working with Sonia and Romi's family in filming this video was an amazing experience and a lot of fun. A special thanks to both families for supporting Sonia and Romi in making this film possible.

Produced by: H2MOproductions
Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Haider Hedayat
Co-Director: Sussan Hedayat
Music: Pharrell Williams

Romi Chakraborty
Sonia Chakraborty

Julie Brugnano
Louis Brugnano
Carmel Dey
Dulal Dey
Tripti Chakraborty
Minu Chakraborty
Anup Chakraborty
Debjani Chakraborty
Reet Chakraborty
Amanda Dhanna
Neal Chakraborty
Mia Finewax
Tanya Silva
Iris Liu
Josh Nunez
Homan Olfati
Arthur Yurovitsky
Anastasia Babuskina
Rezo Babadzhanov
Dina Babadzhanov

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