We share a passion that is not about money, trophies or brands; but about friends and cars.
Helping a friend in the shed, looking for that ellusive part that is missing to complete someone’s dream or advise/discuss technical or fitment issues.
Cleaning, waxing, fitting wheels and upgrading parts over and over again.
Chillin’ at a summer photoshoot or out for an afternoon cruise together.
That’s what our car life is all about.
We invite you to share that feeling with us...

Cars, food & friends
DMPD Chill & Grill August 24th 2014

More info, check: dmpd.eu/dmpdchillandgrill/


Playing Around Before the Party Starts - Childish Gambino - Because the Internet

Your Drums, Your Love - Aluna George - Majestic Casual - Chapter I

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