Director: Geoffrey Prather
Cast:David Thornhill and Joshua Barron

Jesus hopped the A-train is essentially a tale of two prisoners, each of whom believes himself accountable to a higher law than that of the judicial system. Angel (Joshua Barron) has shot -- in the buttocks, as he makes a point of specifying -- the leader of a religious cult to which Angel lost his best friend. Lucius Jenkins (David Thornhill) is a serial killer who is awaiting extradition to Florida, guilty of the deaths of at least eight people. Since the killings, Lucius has met God.

Assigned to protective custody at Rikers, Angel and Lucius find themselves in close company during their daily hour of outdoor exercise. Much time is devoted to their arguments about guilt, innocence and higher powers.

- Description taken from an article in the New York Times by Brent Bradley.
- This is a film from when I first started acting in 2006. It is actually the third scene I ever did.
- A Towson University Production for a Film Class

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