Message from the Card
The spirit of deer is gentle and innocent, reminding you to reflect on the calm peace residing deep within your soul. This card shares the message of the need for gentleness in your relationships with others as well as the importance of being gentle with yourself. To fully love others, you must first love yourself. Condition your mind to send sweet messages to yourself throughout the day. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, replace them with encouraging and affirming ones.
When interacting with this card, it is important to open your heart to receive the universal love that permeates within and around your being. This card shows how love connects your mind with your soul. You can achieve this connection by loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are in this very moment. When you learn to fully accept everything and everyone in your current life experience, you will feel complete. Accept that you already have everything you need. By loving everything around you, you will experience your true essence, which is Divinity. By allowing the perfection of what is, you become the expression of your higher self.
Card Symbology
The male and female deer in this card represent the ability to accept and appreciate the beauty of balance. Deer totem symbols represent: gentleness, kindness, compassion, innocence, grace, femininity, acceptance, renewal and connection to Spirit. The union of the red and orange colors that surround the deer bring vitality, courage, self respect and self confidence to support your place on this earth. As the colors blend from red to orange, they encourage you to cultivate the stability and survival skills needed to move into your own self interests, thereby strengthening your appetite for life. The color blue at the top of the card depicts self expression, knowledge and acceptance. The dream catcher in the center reminds you to view this life as only a dream. Stay clear of drama so that you do not forget to receive all the goodness that Spirit has to offer.

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