"You Are" is a personal song and I wanted to reflect it in just that way. So, why not shoot the video myself from my phone, I said. Of course being that I have been described as a "Stickler" by my team, I did want a professional video production and I still do. But I have more songs for that.
With struggles of so many Emerging DIY artists in all fields, it was difficult to get the team together at the time we thought would be perfect. We all have personal career goals to be met, and a lot of sacrifice took place just to release the EP 'Harmonies of Me'. After all, I am unsigned. So this project still has time to get noticed for me to gain more followers and supporters. And I truly appreciate my team for making my EP a successful one.

And yes, I have been pressured by fans to release a music video. (But yet again, I still wanted my team to shoot and direct the video.) After being bored to death by articles on how to shoot your own music video. Finally, I saw videos that inspired me to create such a vintage/retro personal music video. I chose my bedroom, where I could control the lighting a little more. I wanted to highlight my locs and facial features along with genuine expressions of singing to My Love. I chose angles to show off my locs in a way I haven't seen in visuals and to capture the characteristics that only my Significant Other gets to see. So, the video may remind those who often use popular video chats with their significant other in a non-sexual way, (but still intimate) of their own memories. It's 2014, please don't make a big deal about the last statement.

I'm not really a heavy make-up type of person, so that's also what you get in the video. Very minimal make-up, because I am being honest with myself and with the viewers. I'm sure I will do costume like video production in the future, but now is not the time. I just hope that the video reaches and relates to an audience that appreciates my vision, and recognizes the features I have, are not really seen in the music industry. There are some celebrities that used to have my features, but has since then altered their beauty with cosmetic/plastic surgery. The list is entirely too long to mention. But I will say that I appreciate the natural features of Nina Simone, Maya Angelou, Fantasia Barrino, and Loretta Divine.

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