I wanted this R&R to be different than the last 4.

1,825 days (Or 5 years), is the time I’ve missed from my family while fighting against the war on terrorism.

Home from Afghanistan for two weeks in July of 2014, I wanted to capture as many memories as possible with my wife and our five children. I’ve realized that in my profession, and over the last 13 years of combat, thousands have lost out on what most people around the world take for granted . . . moments that matter.

For myself, I’ve missed everything most of you have enjoyed over the last decade. Kids growing up, cheering, playing sports, laughing, fighting, worrying about the next iPhone, driving lessons, and even crying without me being there for them. I’ve missed birthdays and celebrations, plays and recitals, and even this year, another anniversary as my wife and I celebrate 18 years of marriage.

To summarize this chapter of our lives, we adopted 3 pillars that constantly remind us why we endure these hardships: “Love. Life. Lead.”

Three simple words that keep us focused along our journey.

For 14 days, we carried our cameras, flew our cameras, swam, ate and slept with our cameras, all in order to make memories that we wanted to remember. There were no planned shots, no script, no music selected, or anything in mind, other than capturing our moments, as they existed in real time, uncut and raw.
Huge thanks to my beautiful wife and wonderful children for making this R&R worth remembering!

We hope you enjoy our moment and it inspires you to create your own with your families.

Adam, Nakia, Jalous, Jasmine, Jada, Justice and Jackson!

Technical Info:
Canon 5DMKII ~ Various Lenses
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
Aerial shots- Phantom 2 with H3-3D Gimbal. FPV, iOSD mini, Immersion 600 and Black Pearl 7” monitor.

Edited in Premiere Pro CC and AE CC 2014.
Color Corrected- Colorista II
Graded: Film Convert Pro and Magic Bullet Looks
Music: Heartbeats by Light and Motion (musicbed.com)

Myrtle Beach, SC.
Fayetteville – Fort Bragg, NC. (Home)
Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC.
Lu Mil Vineyard, Elizabethtown, NC.

10 Lessons Learned from flying the Phantom 2:
1) Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
2) Composition is everything, even from the sky. (If I had more time, planning shot sequences would have helped tell the story, but we didn’t have one in mind)
3) Flew mostly in 2.7K protune, flat, which locks in 24FPS. If wanting to slow down in post, switch to 1080Super for 50/60FPS. Will help immensely when dealing with warp. Some shots were not able to stabilized with WS in PP CC without a serious subspace warp, which ruined the shots.
4) To remove the fish eye effect from the GoPro, use reverse optics compensation in AE. Worked great and is also a must.
5) Extra batteries!
6) Huge learning curve. Take your time and ensure you calibrate your Phantom at each location and enable GPS for home lock, especially before flying over the ocean.
7) When shooting on the beach, watch out for birds and the small planes flying with banners. Oh yeah, and for people on the 20th floor not expecting a camera to fly past their window!
8) Carbon Fiber blades provides a smoother flight. Get 2 sets.
9) The H3-3D Gimbal / HDMI adapter is very fragile. They give you two, but since everyone continues to break them, DJI finally released them as parts. For $4 dollars, get a few of those also, or just fly blind. Your choice.
10) Met a Police Officer from the Myrtle Beach PD that is now using the Phantom 2 with an IR lens on his Phantom 2 for work. Watch out, they’re catching on quickly!

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