One of a series of five animations on love and social justice, this animation narrates the voice of a woman calling out for justice over the death of her parents during post-civil war Lebanon (which took place in Lebanon 1975-1990). It is a political critique on the Lebanese sectarian segregation, militarization of society, and the continuous destruction of a country, while the rest of the nation today is drowning in consumerism and consumption.

Below is the translation of the original Arabic poem used in the animation, of the works of Jebran Khalil Jebran; sung by the infamous Fairouz:

Sons (People) of My Nation by Jebran Khalil Jebran

In the dead of night i call upon you, do you hear?
My family died gaping at the blackness of the skies.
In the dead of night i call upon you, do you hear?
My family's succumbed and tears and blood have flood the mountains of my country.
Woe betide a nation replete with the sects and devoid of the Religion. Woe betide it.
Woe betide a nation that dresses of that which it weaves not, and drinks of that it presses not. Woe betide it
And woe betide a nation divided where each proclaims his own. Woe betide it. 

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