What if pixels were free? What if they could trade their computer-given red, green, and blue values in pursuit of a profit?

The Colour Economy imagines an artificial economy of pixels, in which individual 'traders' exchange colour. In this pixel performance, the seed image creates a region in the bottom right which is wealthier than the regions surrounding it.

As the economy develops, this wealthy population separates itself physically from the traders with little colour capital.

Towards the end of the system render, you will see one 'rich' pixel cross the gap to the 'poor' side, where it finds some success. If you watch carefully, you will also see a smaller trader establish itself in the middle of the two groups. This 'middle class' trader causes a flurry of activity as it is able to trade with both groups.

The Colour Economy is a project by Jer Thorp (blprnt.com) and was built with Processing v. 0135.

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