Director: Virginia Kennedy
Post-Production: Pixelpost Sdn Bhd
Nuke Artist: Ali Reza Khatami
Motion Graphics and Online Support: Chew Xiao Mei, Skyler Leong and Nicholas
3D Artists: Ali Seiffouri

This was a fun and challenging project for me.
Because of this project, we were all forced to learn and pick up Nuke; the software, which I would say, a blessing in disguise :)

Never regret being a part of this project. My role was to support the online artist with some rotos and clean-ups as well as some trackings too. All scenes and touched-up were done and finished in Nuke. One of my proudest accomplishment I would say since I was pretty much a noob and a beginner with Nuke, with less than a year of working experiences, plus, just to top it off, it was also my very first company since I graduated. Imagine the amount of stress that I was going through. Intensive crunch time on Nuke tutorial over the past few days. It was pretty intense but all efforts paid off I would say ;)

Thank you all for the guidance and never ending support and faith in me :) You guys were the best team player I've ever worked with. Truly. Your spirits and enthusiasm cheers me on and pushes me to be who I am today :')

& for that, I thank you :)

Chew Xiao Mei

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