CARBON IV - a site specific installation at the LED LAB. Prototypes for the ‘Nodes’ series of large scale LED walls. The works here measure 4 by 4 meters and 3 by 2.5 meters. Four four minute loops. Dimensions vastly scalable.

CARBON scans were mapped in morphing CAD software so that the virtual still image was much larger than the exhibition space. The images appear on the screens where the rotating and stretched virtual map encounters the physical LED walls. John Frattalone is the master of this territory, where unexpected flavors of distortion added enormously to the viewing experience.

Future iterations of these works will include inter-active responses, such that the art appears to be aware of the viewer and actively attempting to communicate. Sensor and software aspects for ‘Nodes’ are currently in development.

During the installation the visual works were accompanied by an audio composition in quad - four speakers facing outward in cardinal directions. The soundscape was composed of 'the sound of a quantum computer thinking’ with other sonic oddities emanating from my SNAZZY FX eurorack modular synth. I recorded the D-Wave2 quantumm computer at the NASA Ames Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, spring, 2014.

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