This short film sums up how grateful and thankful I am to have amazing people around me. Even thought we will be separated by miles and miles away, i wanted to bake these moments and memories in one short, to remove this sense of distance and separation when moving on with life.

Thank you, you guys are amazing!

Feat Stevie, Numa, Cyrus, Amaury, Elie, Remi, Marie, Vincent, Margaux, Mélina, Axel, Baptiste, Jon, Justine, Victor, Attila, Félix, Sébastien, Keana, James, Ian and more...

Music : Everywhere by Keith Kenniff.
Camera : Sony NEX-6 (AVCHD 50fps 1080p) with a Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f1.4 Prime Lens and a MIR-1 37mm f2.8 Stopless Prime Lens.

Realised by Riomar Mccartney
In Hossegor, France.

P.S. 1 I took around one and a half year to realise this short.
P.S. 2 Special thanks to Keana Korn for filming the jam with me and Cyrus!
P.S. 3 None of the people in this short were acting, in fact, i was filming them without them knowing... :)

Created for the Weekend Challenge:

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