Bolivia ~ March 31 to April 9, 2014

Bolivia was a tipping point for us. In the world's highest capital (La Paz), accumulated stress from our former life collided with the realities of our new lifestyle. We realized how detached we had become from all things which truly mattered. In Bolivia, we finally started travelling together. Once again, we began appreciating all of our fortunes.

We enjoyed the countless aesthetically beautiful natural and man-made wonders while our budget was appreciative of the low cost for almost everything. We were amazed by the size of Lake Titikaka and can't quite believe it consists of freshwater. We are convinced we saw more grains of salt than there are stars in the sky.

We were subjected to the world's most disgusting spaghetti sauce - not only once but twice while in Bolivia! We were repeatedly blatantly lied to by most in the tourism industry, which taught us a great deal about "just letting go".

Fabyelle feared to have been cursed after a woman gripped her arm while walking in the witchcraft market. However, her worries quickly faded away after cards fell in her favour for over a week - earning her the self-awarded title of Cribbage Queen.

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