Childhood Remixed by Pixelh8
Childrens’ toys are often seen as transitional objects that let the child gain mastery of the
world around them. Paradoxically “Childhood Remixed” seeks to re-purpose the toys of Pixelh8's childhood with the skills and understanding of the world he has as an adult. By rewiring, re-purposing and re-using them he will essentially be remixing his own childhood to form an orchestra of automated toys and interactive instruments.

Scouring the local car boot sales, charity shops and in some cases rubbish bins, Pixelh8 was able to reclaim some of the toys that informed him musically and creatively as a child, by re-working them with new acquired skills it will in turn create a learning curve that folds back on itself.

As part of the project Pixelh8 has re-created the very experiment / accident that brought him into the world of chip tune and circuit bending, a circuit bent a Nintendo Nes, this is one of several audio and visual pieces that the public are actively encouraged to interactive and create with.

Childhood Remixed was commissioned by Ipswich Borough Council & Turnstone Arts Grants sponsor Ip-art Award 2007- 2010.

For more information on Pixelh8 or “Childhood Remixed” visit

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