VRAY NinjaLight

This kit includes a feature that allows you to have full control over the placement of lights. by simply moving a null over a surface to specify where you want the reflections to take place.This feature is a blast to use and was inspired by Mark Lindner @ marklindner.tv

it also comes with a custom and easy to use softbox-shader that will work on any computer regardless if the kit is installed on it or not, and because its not relying on image based textures you won't have to worry about textures going missing.

Unlike most lightkits you will have full access to your normal vray Light tag. and all of the settings are just a click away, but I have put the most important stuff inside the [ Ninja Dojo ] tab on your NinjaLight.

Also here is a link to Hypolys the python-script I mentioned in the video:

download the kit here:

Hope you find this useful !


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