Has your little one outgrown a bib but not the Mess? Try a Faux Front, you'll wonder how you got along without it!

Order yours today!

○Why should you choose Faux Front over a traditional bib?

●Reversible. ..options are nice.
●Adjustable. ..longevity and comfort. 
●Protective. ..large absorbent front panel.
●Easy Wear. ..slip on, slip off.
●Accessible. ..Easy Accessible snaps.
●Easy Care. ..launder with other clothing. 
●Stylish. ..Does it have to look like a bib? 
●Unique. ..My own designs. My own patterns. 
●Discrete. ..because you're not "a baby".
●Sophisticated. ..Anyone, Anywhere. 

Faux Front is The Everybody Bib! 

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