My friend friend Bregje asked me to shoot a music video for her. "Of course" I said. Why wouldn't i? I love her songs and she's a great singer.

When I let my girl hear the demo she came up with this great idea for the video. Like an 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' video. We finetuned it a little bit, but most of the stuff you see my girl came up with. She'e creative and sexy as hell. That's why married her. So YOU can't. Ha.


We shot this video under pressure. Not war in Rwanda pressure, but some kind of moderate pressure. We picked a location where we had no business being.. If a ranger had seen us we would've had 15 minutes before the cops showed up. Luckily nobody, that was in official capacity to send us on our way came by. Karma was on our side. YAY KARMA!
No squirrels and worms were harmed during the production of this video. Not even by the dog. Just so you know :)
We were on the ground for just two hours. It was real fun going Delta Force-style for this video: in - out, ,nobody knew we were there. Except for the squirrels. But fuck the squirrels. They weren't harmed. So they oughta keep their mouths shut.

Tech stuff:
Shot on my 'old' (pre-GH4 and pre-BMPCC :P) 5D III with Canon 16-35 2.8 and Sigma 50.14
Graded with Filmconvert

Filmed, directed and edited by Sasha Ivantic -
Screenplay by Sarina Ivantic-Vroegindeweij, Sasha Ivantic, Bregje Lacourt
Make-up, styling and dog whispering by Yolet Luijendijk

The men: Steven Rietveld, Richard Beukelaar & Michel Ebben

The dog: Nona

The girl: Bregje Sanne Lacourt

Music & lyrics by: Bregje Sanne Lacourt
Recorded at Tempting Tunes Studios
Mixed by: Tiny Telephone, San Francisco; John Vanderslice & Jacob Winik
Master by: Tammo Kersbergen

Backing vocals: Rias Baarda, Richard Beukelaar, Steven Rietveld, Megan Davis, Bregje Sanne Lacourt
Leadvocals, Organ, Triangle, Claps, : Bregje Sanne Lacourt
Banjo, Organ, Claps, Harmonica, Mandoline, Lapsteel, DoubleBass, Cymbal, Leslie : Michel Ebben

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