Holy Week, April 2014

Last year, around this time, I packed my stuff and went on a two-week trip crossing Saigon, Mui Ne, Phnom Penh, Siem Riep, Kanchanaburi, and Bangkok. I was alone half of the trip, and during that time, I realized that traveling can be quite liberating.

This year, with a very vague plan for seven days, with six flights, four destinations, four hostels, two countries, two CouchSurfing hosts, and zero companion, I found myself, again, crossing borders from the Philippines, to Malaysia, and then Laos.

I celebrated Pi Mai with new found local friends in Vientiane, shared a tuktuk, got splashed on and had a rather embarrassing bus ride to Vang Vieng, saw the towering beauty of the Petronas, and delighted the succulent dishes in Penang. I even fought a couple of days of flu and was terrified, being alone in a foreign country for the first time.

250USD (my budget for the week) after, there were not many new realizations, except that I should be doing this more in every year. And that the Philippines should have more and longer vacations. The gods know that we need that :)

Audio track: Domestic Scene by The Radio Dept
Timelapse video taken using #Nokia 808 #Pureview

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