Velcom - 3G -

This TVC was shoot in Yalta (Ukraine) and went on air in Byelorussia.

This was the rough editing for client approval with almost no post production. Just some grading and a couple of digital lens flare tests.

You can compare shots with the final version to understand the massive amount of post work done even on very small elements.

It was produced by Adrenalin Brothers, a production company in Kiev (Ukraine), the executive producer was Kostya Salashenko.

Many actors and extras were from Ukraine, only 4 of them came from Byelorussia.

90% of the commercial has been shot on RED at 4K, while a couple of shots (plus all the BG plates for GS and interior windows) has been captured on my Canon 5D Mark II.

Many shots needed matte painting fixes, while all of them went through a strong color correction session to give a summer look to the film.

I added strong lens and anamorphic flares effects and many chromatic aberrations as well.

As usual main tools were Shake for all the 2D stuff (motion graphic, compositing, color correction) and Maya for all the 3D work. Editing has been done in Final Cut.

A special thank goes to Alex 1 (DOP), Alex 2 (VFX assistant), Valentin (1st AD) and Kris (Producer)!
You really put all your passion in this project, thank you guys!!!


Director - Kobayashi

Client - Velcom (Minsk) - Byelorussia

Production Company - Adrenalin Brothers (Kiev) - Ukraine
Exec Producer - Kostya Salashenko (Kiev) - Ukraine

VFX Supervisor - Kobayashi
3D/2D Animation - Kobayashi
2D Compositing - Kobayashi
Concept Design / Matte Painting - Kobayashi

Advertising agency - Sahar (Kiev)

Production Company - Adrenalin Brothers (Kiev)
Executive Producer - Kostya Salashenko
Producer - Kristina Tamarya
DoP - Alex Khoroshko
1st AD - Valentin Semko
Post Production Line Producer - Alex Shabratko

Music - Right here, right now - Chemical Brothers

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