We know what you are wondering? Why are we here today?

We are here to address the ongoing global conflict on technology. Over the last 40 years, technology transformed our lives, but it exacerbated existing inequalities. The fruits of technology were not shared evenly, and so today, we all live in an extremely divided, volatile world.

The result is immense pressure on our borders, as techno-literate citizens of developing countries seek refuge in our techno-havens. The State Department, and our allies, want to change that. We hope to create a more techno-equal world, so that our homeland is safe.

We have used several strategies to address this grave challenge. Today, we present to you the Universal Gesture Control Program, or the UGC, part of our long-term language education initiatives that addresses this conflict through re-learning.

What is the UGC?

The UGC is a set of gesture control commands that equip any person with the basic tools to survive in present day world. They are universal because they work across platforms, media and devices, and have been developed over several years of working with leading manufacturers, developers and governments. It’s part of our larger global re-literacy program.

Our program has two goals. Foremost, is humanitarian. We want to spread techno-literacy globally so the world is less unequal, and more stable. This effort is funded by the State Department as part of its global soft diplomacy efforts.

Secondly, we want to ensure that everyone who enters and lives in our society has basic techno-literacy, and so we have UGC Standards. That part of our program is implemented by the department of Homeland Security.

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