Sea Side was my end of term project at my 6th form college, which explores the audiences' understanding of suicide. The film itself is built around the emotions of suicidal people that I spent over six weeks personally talking to, understanding what they felt and the stages that they went through in their head before they had the idea to commit, in turn getting the audience to experience these same emotions in order.

Suicide is a difficult topic for people to understand if they haven’t personally experienced it through people they know or through their own past.

I hope that you like the look of the film as it can be uploaded online on the 23rd June 2015 or you can come along to one of the potential festivals it screens at, keep up to date if there is one near you with my Twitter or Facebook accounts :)



Written and Directed by Sebastian Cox
Olivia by Maddy Barnes
Jordan by Cameron Faulkner

Bubble Light ©

Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Five

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