EA referes to Expanded Animation a term trying to explore the physical implications of Animation

the work was part of the Group-Exhibition at LEAP:

Synthetisch Vernünftig
Opening: Friday 11.07.2014 19.00
Exhibition: 15.07.2014 - 01.08.2014, 12:00 - 18.00 Tuesday - Saturday
Featuring: Paolo Cirio, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Daniel Franke, Claudia Hart,
Imri Kahn, Sara Ludy and Clement Valla

With the exhibition Synthetisch Vernünftig we focus on artistic mechanisms that have arisen in response to developments in "New Materialism" which can be perceived through simulations. A processual, fluid and dynamic tendency of generating form in relation to material/materiality and body/culture, these ideas are clearly synthetic, as they are computer-based nature. They imitate complex dynamic processes and shorten time-lapse and in so doing refer to a new form of reason.
"Central to all approaches is an understanding of matter as an independent force, which is not passive, worked by man, but which produce their own phenomena. Therefore constellations which can be understood as Actants-Actor-Network (Bruno Latour) or Assemblages (Manuel DeLanda) move from person, thing, nature, with matter in the centre of the analysis.”


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