A man whose name is Jim, sees a stranger being killed. Later, he realized that the stranger was him. What is he gonna do.

Directed by Watcharawit Ya-inta
Original film score by Bill Piyatut H.

Jim : Andronik Khachiyan
Robber : Beau Spinks
Creepy guy : Neil Reuben George

Director of Photography : Watcharawit Ya-inta
2nd Camera operator : Weifan Er
Asistance camera : Jardine Faner
Production Assistance : Neil Reuben George
Edit and Digital color grading by KINETIC W. POSTPRO.

“Lead The Way”
Written and Performed by Matt Bierwagen

Color grading breakdown : vimeo.com/102567561
Behind the scene : kineticw.com/jim

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