A metaphorical suicide inspired by the music of César Franck and the apocryphal Albert Camus' quote: "Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?"

In September 2012 cultural VAT rate in Spain jumped from 8% to 21%, the highest in Europe. Since then, cinemas, theaters and concert halls have been emptied or closed; and four in ten workers have lost their jobs.
This short film tries to express in an absurd and ironic way, the cultural, human and economic disaster it is.

Rendered in Maya (1920x1080) with Mental Ray (candle flame and smoke) and Redshift3D (everything else)

Art Direction, Direction, Modelling, Texturing & Shading, Lighting, Dynamics, Rendering, Postproduction

Sonata in A Major / Allegretto Ben Moderato (César Franck)
Stefano Ligoratti (piano)
Sarah Cross (violin)

SONATA project as seaofsaa.com

Selected to be screened at TriSpace Gallery (London) as part of ART EXPERIMENTA vol.9 (December 2014)

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