This video follows the journey through the library of feet and flip-flops as they try to find each other. The combination of live-action and stop-motion animation works so well, with equal weight on each, and creating a lively pace to the entire video. The story is simple but in a funny way touching, with an added small drama at the end.

Written, story-boarded, shot, animated, and edited by Alyssa McPherson and Haana Smothergill-Christara, both going into the ninth grade.

This is one of the four video projects that were produced during Teen Video Lab at Kingston Public Library ( in New York. I showed the students how to incorporate stop-motion animation with live-action, and gave instruction on how to use all the tools necessary to make a video. Just in 5 days of 4-hour sessions, they came up with videos in four completely different styles but are equally creative and engaging.

Cameras and appplications used: flip camera, iPevo 2, iStopmotion, and iMovie

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