Directed by Kaliptus (Miguel Rodrigues)
2d Animation BFA Thesis for SVA

Get ready for an infernal trip that extends beyond life & death in this primordial descent from Pure Light into Darkness. Experience themes of Self-Transcendence in their most extreme polarities as you watch characters violently morph and mesh, separately and together, in this strangely lurid universe of "Predator & Prey Duality". Notice how the super aggressive self-transforming individuals practice sadistic monstrosity on the herds of passive look-a-likes that run like communist refugees stumble up masochist encounters and victimized torture.

When I made this, it was a form of an exorcism. Containing some references to Dante's Inferno, the ancient myths of the Star Son & the White Goddess, and the oldest Thanatonic fear of religious Hell,... this piece is one of its kind. Let this be a mirror to you, the viewer...

...and may the lesson be Love,

(Influenced by the Chaos Magick style of paintings accidentally created in 2004)

Directed by Kaliptus ©2006

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