Robot Pedagogue is a data processing and visualization program that attempts to author and evaluate new texts by distilling selected texts from the canon of pedagogical theory.

In the exhibition 'Subject of Learning/Object of Study' at the Blanton Museum in Austin TX, 5 steps of the authoring and evaluation process were visualized on iMac computers usually intended for browsing library collections.

Three source texts are randomly selected from the library collection, then excerpted and collated.

The combined source texts are fragmented, analyzed, and recombined by chaining together statistically probable sequences of words. A new text is produced.

The new text is rendered plainly in Library Hand, a19th century handwriting convention invented by Melvil Dewey to standardize the appearance of library records.

The text is translated into Maria Montessori's grammar symbols, then evaluated for semantic coherence and emotional acceptability using a word-association database developed at the University of Southern Florida.

The new text is scored and archived.

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