The European Music Campus 2014 was officially opend with the Music Gallery Concert. 9 chamber music pieces were played in 9 rooms of “Schloss Grafenegg”.
The idea: audience could roam the castel on three different trails or make their own way from room to room choosing their own programm as they would in a gallery.
Each trail includes three pieces following a main topic.
Trail1 - “Looking East” with Shostakovich, Popov and Folk music of eastern Europe
Trail2 - “Mozart & More” with Mozart, Gluck and Beethoven
Trail3 - “Own Choice” with Schubert, Bruckner and Mendelssohn
Another highlight was the Fanfare from Orfeo by Monteverdi played from a balcony welcoming the audience at the entrance of the castel.
Our Interviewpartner was Peter Morrison. Thanks for your time! =)

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