This is a short film I made while in the Mulanje District of southern Malawi. Its the intimate story of a father and son. The film has very little dialogue. I wanted to let the compelling images tell this story so as not to take away from the purity of it.

This film was not scripted. These are real life characters that I was fortunate to have had the chance to meet. I simply turned my camera towards them and the story told itself.

The music is "Over The Pond" by Album Leaf. It a beautiful song that I felt reflected both the beauty and sorrow of the film.

There is an organization called FOMO founded by Keith and Mary Woodworth ( They are in contact with the Kamoto's (cast of this film) and provide them assistance. They also care for over 5,000 orphans in the Mulanje District of Malawi. Please contact them for more information on how to help.

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