I'm always posting more information about these things at cheesycam.com come visit.

I noticed many people searching for information about the LCDVF T2i compatibility. For those of you who are wondering about the LCDVF T2i fit or Z-Finder T2i fit (they are about the same over the 5D or 7D LCD ), I thought i'd throw in my 2 cents about it. It will work, but it's not a perfect fit.

T2i Short Review:
The 5D and 7D batteries are the same and they both use Compact Flash cards. There are some things that just totally throw me off about the Canon T2i / Rebel 550D, like having to buy SDHC cards (Class 6 not cheap), different batteries, and the LCDVF not fitting perfectly. Because of this, I haven't spent much time with it, but as far as video quality, the Canon T2i / Rebel 550D has been a solid performer keeping up with the 7D quite easily.

By The Way, I love the LCDVF and it's a Quality product, so I just want to post this information about the LCDVF taken from this video description of the product: vimeo.com/7908721

"""This frame is not a magnetic one as some would think after reading some intentionally incompetent reviews.
Vice versa it is a metal shield that further protects the camera. This sort of shield disables the magnetic field generated by the magnets found in the LCDVF mounting system. Basically it sucks in the magnetic field of the magnets and in return acts an ingenious mounting system.
Magnets used in the system are as weak or as strong as are those found in MacBook's safe power cord. We have tested with magnets 10x as strong for about two months continiously and no harm was done to any camera or any electronic devices including memory cards. """"

I'm always posting more information about these things at cheesycam.com come visit.

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