"INTO THE VOID" is an interactive installation that aims to provide the spectator with the sensation of traveling through a black hole. People are invited to stand in the middle of the installation and have a sound and light experience that is inspired by the speed of light and the quest for other dimensions of consciousness. people can also control the installation by a custom app.

How the human being could feel in a journey never made before? Disorientation, anxiety, fear or happiness? may be all, the installation offer an imaginary version of the paradigms and complexity of “the unknown” through the stimulation and immersion of a light journey.

Installation by Laura Ramirez - Optika
Music by Ivan Panqueva

VICE mag. launch in Colombia/Odeon teather/Bogota 2014
Footage by Juliana Gomez (NY), Camilo Suarez and Julian Medina (col)
Special thanks to Alberto Gomez (Tecnorental )
Optikal Ink Lab/2014

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