Filmed in 2006, this was the follow-up to Clouds Happen. Again, the video chronicles our riders filming themselves throughout the season. Another DIY short movie; I didn't get to make it out as much that year so we didn't get as much footage compared to the year before.

At around 10 minutes, this was a promo dvd that was given out to shops and everyone; similar to the first video. Just a short fun thing we did.

I think I spent more time color correcting than actually editing. I sat down with Steve from the Video Killers to do something with the music but that version is only on another snowboarding flick as a special feature. It's actually kind of funny so if you do find a copy of it lemme know what you think.

Originally the intro was set to the opening scene music for the Warriors which I loved.

Connor got some shots so we ended up using them in the video. Connor's gaper suit baby spray back to gaper tuck; cracks me up the most. And I always love Doug's jump parts. Doug kills it.

Jeremy's part was used in a local station bit where they referred to him as the best snowboarder in the country (2009?). They wanted to interview him about being deaf and a rider from the area and it actually made the runs on CNN for a week or so. They edited a quote from me and kind of showed my fat face on tv for like three seconds. Especially when they kept calling Jerm the best snowboarder in the country. It was hard for me not to laugh because it's so subjective and they just kept saying it.

"Jeremy isn't the best rider in the country, he's the best rider in the UNIVERSE!"

sigh. if they only knew.

I'll have more notes later when I watch it in more detail.

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