“A Short Ancestry” is a fifteen-minute science fiction short film set in the deep bush of Ethiopia, Africa in the year 1588. The film considers the nuances of Pre-Western/Colonial oral tradition with mythological reference points. The film encourages the viewer to process the beginnings of humankind as we now know it.
“A Short Ancestry” centers on I’ma and her greatest of great granddaughters, Netta. Together they journey through story to create a bond that is immeasurable. I’ma is an alien to the planet Earth. I’ma arrived some 10,000 years before this story takes place. When I’ma arrived the planet was just able to sustain mammal life. Her first greeters to this world were a tribe of rapidly changing Homo-Sapiens breed of mammal. After breathing a “new life” into this particular tribe, the New Breed becomes something other than the normal Homo sapiens walking the Earth. I’ma creates this new breed as a way of producing off spring to start her family that she wasn’t able to begin on her home planet. This new breed of human holds the keys to not only super human powers, but a quest of I’ma to mother a super race of beings for the good and love of the universe.
The film revolves around rich African oral traditions and cultural family structures found in many African Diaspora cinematic films. It will be shot on the Sony F3 camera in S-log to be color corrected in post-production. The setting is untouched Eastern Africans. The smell, taste and touch of dryness, which will consist of rich ambers, deep rusts and crimson colors. Many variations of greenery and shades of browns and blacks are the color palate of the imagery. Sounds of drumming and the krar, a ten-string instrument, can be heard throughout the village of the film. The Sound track to the film will reflect deep African wild life native sounds and rhythms.
Themes of family, birth origin, communal healer, tribe protector, mother nurturer and believer runs throughout the piece to provide for a dynamic structure of creativity and lineage of one family. I’ma gives light to the notion that humans were created by aliens as she weaves and sows different uses of her body to reveal her alien nature to the viewer.

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