Mr. Destiny, Transformers 4, Extant, Vicious, Kittery Trading Post


Thank you!

Alright Nicholas! Get it! Lol

Dan Pugh Hogan
In this alcohol-free episode, the viewers FINALLY get to meet Nick's adorable boyfriend who follows instructions quite well. Hence, a spanking scene.

Andy tries to start a movie review, but Nick's review continues nearly endlessly without actually making a point. They should have saved the $822 bottle of 1992 Dom Perignon for consumption on this episode and Nick might have had better luck reading the small print on his cell phone. HINT: Go back to using the iPad.

Request #1: Introduce Andy's butch wife who Nick did an amazing impersonation of on this episode. She exists, dammit!

Request #2: Anytime John cannot be on the show, include a topless 8X10 framed picture of him "mounted" between yourselves. (Giggle. I said mounted)

Thabiso Chabalala
Bryan Maldonado
Kayla carias
Shirley puinno
Michael Sage
Opinionated man
Storytime with John
Alex paugh 14
Madison haley

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