A four day boat trip through the Patagonia Region in the South of Chile, South America. It's all the bright and shiny moments from the trip packed into less than three minutes. Featuring card games, time-lapses and a few scenic shots off the 'port-side' (see what I did there). I'm on a boat, is the video that finally took my Vimeo virginity and it is so exciting to finally have something up here.

I pride myself on consistency. So please come back and visit this page Friday mornings (Australia time) for a new video every week. That is:
- Thursday evening America and South American time.
- The middle of Thursday night England time (sorry Europe).

Why do I do this?
There is an amateur travel GoPro video that my friend made about three years ago. When I first saw his video, it motivated me to start saving to eventually buy the ticket and go. That trip (and every one since) I've been making my own videos in the hope that one-day I will inspire the same in someone else. Arriving back in Australia after my most recent trip (a year living in South America), I'm working towards making travel, making videos and building a community around travel and adventure my livelihood.

If you're still reading I'd love for you to get in touch. Sincerely, I actually want to hear from you. Make my day and drop me a line? Maybe, tell me what you want your next adventure to be?

I created this video by filming and editing it.
Music track is Chase City – Waves of ours. They are an awesome band out of Tasmania who you need to check out. They remain the copyright owners of this song but have given me permission to use it for the video.

I am a one-man unpaid independent production company. Admittedly, these types of people are usually referred to as artists, but I’m pretty certain I’m not one.

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