Komedya ng Kasalukuyang Panahon
Part of the coping mechanism of the 1.2 million impoverished families is changing their food intake. CWR has recorded new adaptive measures of families that include the following:
Memorize or Imagine – as the name implies, the families use theri imagination on what nutritious and delicious meal they have while eating rice with salt or patis
Praktis – the families adjust their intake according to the availability of food so they have to make use of making small servings in preparation to absence of food in the coming days
“Peking duck” – new term for “pagpag”, the food thrown from restaurants and will just be cleaned anew by the families
Altanghap – eating full meal just once a day that already covers Breakfast (Almusal), Lunch (Tanghalian), and Dinner (Hapunan)
Piso-piso – a peso-worth of junk food like chicharon serves as viand for the families
Most of their meals contain rice and soysauce, fish paste or salt. Their health is in peril because of such non-nutritious meal. For instance, the initial data gathered in Tondo indicated a significant number of women with hypertension due to large salt intake.

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