With a vocal sample from Mr.Bill's track "Router", this is our Leap Motion software "Tekh Tonic" controlling our custom granular synthesiser "Grain Plane" ( made in Max MSP / Jitter ); a very unique method of sound design.

The height of each grid node determines the gain of frequencies on a bandstop EQ ( z axis ) over each slice of the sample ( x axis ). The spring mechanic of the grid lets you "paint" the positions and frequencies of sound - but also adds the 4th dimension of manipulation, time. Grain Plane can end up sounding like a delay, or a reverb mixed with the unique control of frequency and position - all in real-time using a single hand.

If you've got a Leap and would like to try out Grain Plane and Tekh Tonic for their free beta release - you can get them here:

Check out Mr. Bill's latest album here:

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