We all know what momentum looks like. Whether it's a sports team who is dominating the competition or when everything in someone's world is going their way, momentum is what keeps the obstacles in life from being too great to overcome. But how do we find this elusive quality in our own lives? In this series, you'll discover how to leverage the past, present, and even the future to create unstoppable momentum in your life.

Discussion //

- Are you the kind of person who likes to plan every detail of your life in advance or just plan as you go?

- What are some hopes and plans you have for your future?

- Doubt, fear, lies, control, and anxiety are symptoms of being distracted by the future. How do you combat these distractions in your own life?

- What is your greatest fear of the future?

- What steps can you take to erase this fear and focus on the present?

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