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I believe that every one of us is able to achieve far more than we allow ourselves to realise. Fear & the 'Unknown' hold us back & never allow us to reach our true potential.

By simplifying our issues - by being objective, adding a little clarity & focus, we are able to achieve what others believe impossible.

I want to make it my work to help people & leadership teams that run businesses to solve their issues.

Issues with vision. Issues with people. Issues with growth... I believe it is what I am meant to do, to help others work through issues, but to do that initially, I need help to solve my 'issue'.

Traction is an 'operating system' for businesses. It brings simple (but not easy!) processes integrated in to the day to day running of the business which add focus, clarity, and bring vision to the running of a company in order to help businesses grow successfully, healthily & happily.

Traction focuses on 6 core business elements:
Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process & Traction.

We aim to work with businesses for around 2 years. In this time, we can teach the leadership team all they need to know to successfully implement the processes and perfect the tools. Although some companies like to retain the relationship for running the quarterly sessions, after that our job is to get out of the way and let you run your business.

I have dedicated myself to bring the benefits & value of this system back to the UK. It is my dream to do so.

View more about the 'Traction' Process below & on their website:

I am currently 'self-implementing' the systems within a company so have experienced first hand, just how much change you can accomplish within a short period of time.

What do we do as 'Implementers'?
We facilitate, teach & coach.
We are not consultants. We understand that you know how to run your business - we work with you to solve existing problems and break through ceilings.

All of this personal training requires me to attend a Final 3 Day Bootcamp in Detroit, USA to qualify for my certification... Which requires an amount of funding that I honestly don't yet have.

There are only 8 training seats Worldwide, 4 times a year. I have committed myself to being there and to complete my training. There is no Plan B. My flights are booked, course deposit paid. I now have to secure final funding in order to complete my training in the USA for the 17th November this year.

"If you can't afford to go... Don't go".
...the advice I have received from a few so far, but I know, I have that feeling in my 'gut' that this is the right decision for me. I can achieve this & I will get there... with a little help at least :)

"If you believe in something enough and are committed enough to getting it right, then you will stay strong in the face of adversity, what ever is thrown at you" - Meg (The Challengers Almanac)
I can clearly see the value of the return in funding the course fees, both personally & professionally. Openly & honestly, it will enrich my personal life, it will let me do the work that inspires me to jump out of bed every day. Professionally, I see the value of the work that it will enable me to perform with companies across the UK to help them achieve their vision.

But... it's not for everyone.
In fact, it's quite the opposite. The 'Traction' Operating System is designed to work with companies who are passionately dedicated to growth. They may be experiencing the 176 issues that business are hit by daily, or they may have hit other ceilings that are preventing them from fully achieving their goals but they will be committed to moving past these issues with an open and honest approach.

'Traction' works best for companies with 10-200 staff and around £1million - £50million in turnover.

How can you help?
In order to receive the funding I am requesting, I am looking for businesses who share my beliefs & have the same passion for problem solving & growth to help me reach my goals, in order for me to help you reach yours.

In return, I offer my time, my knowledge & my understanding of the processes and core functions to help you when I return from my training.

Please take a look at the perks I am offering in return for your belief.
Contact me for any other information regarding how this can process can help you.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. I also understand that not all can contribute to the cause, but that doesn't mean that you can't help:
Please help to spread the word for me & if you know a business that this will benefit - tell them of my story and put us in touch.
& please use the Indiegogo share tools to help my cause!

Inspired by:
Simon Sinek, Gino Wickman, Meg (The Challengers Almanac), Daniel Pink.

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