After winning the pitch we dived in this exciting project that was the Discovery Latam Refreshes image.
Under the concept "Get your hands dirty" we developed the new images of a channel that was looking for a Human and Real approach that express "the Discovery experience". We showed to the audience how difficult it is to cross the deep forest, build a car from scratch or deceive thousands of people with a magic trick.
That's how we reached these mixed techniques result, where we use live action, special effects, 2D design, 3D production and VFX dancing together to create this strong image where the typography is also protagonist.
It was a hard work in conjunction with the Discovery team to whom we owe deep appreciation for trusting Plenty.
Next is the channel reel and a fun edited with the breakdown process of creating the new Discovery Channel Latinamerica!

For more information and the entire tv Branding, please enter to our site!

Directed by:

Art Direction:
Pablo Alfieri / Mariano Farias

Animation Director:
Mariano Farias

Graphic Design:
Carolina Carballo, Elda Broglio, Pablo Alfieri & Guido Lambertini
3D Design:
Guido Lambertini, Pablo Alfieri, Mariano Farias & Nicolás Castro
3D Modeling:
Juan Martín Miyagi
Matías Mastrogiano & Julieta Boechi
Montage and edition:
Mariano Farias
Reel Montage:
Mariano Farias
Mariela Fábregas
Special Thanks to Elda Broglio, Sebastian Curi, Ago Carrera & Inés Palmas for the Pitch Process.


Live Action Director:
Mariano Farias

Live Action Shooting:
Guillermo Mutis
Sebastian Gallo
Agustin Giantagenellis
Props Man:
Augusto Latorraca

Discovery Channel Latin America
Head of Creative Services:
Antonio Rojas
Art Director:
Diego González
OAP Manager:
Alex Kaed
OAP Manager:
Herman Cabral

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