Since the social media became a part of your life, you've been using countless applications. But do you know how small your friendcircle is?

What if we tell you that you can reach the whole world country by country, city by city? And let everybody hear your voice?

With Worldself you can send colorful messages, share pictures, like and comment any post. You can arrange people you follow from 1 to 5. And in order to reply a post, you can record a video!

Social networking with the whole world. In the best possible way.

Text messages: User can create and share 180-character text messages and form them in 5 different colors. The shared text messages can be seen by everyone in Worldself or only by the user’s friends, depending on demand.

Photos: User can share images in an unlimited scope. The shared images can be seen by everyone in Worldself or only by the user’s friends, depending on demand.

Video: User can reply to the text messages or images shared by Worldself users with videos.

Messaging: User can send private (direct) message to the other Worldself users.

Share with the World: User can share the Worldself posts (text messages or images) belonging to him/her or others to be seen by everyone in the Worldself area belonging to a country or a city which the user represents by “World”.

Hack: The person can “hack” the profile page of another user: can change the profile and headline pictures, can write a note. Upon these changes, the profile page of the “hacked” person shall remain as such for a period of one minute. “Hacking” feature can be adjusted as “on” or “off” by the profile settings part according to the desire of the person. Also information of the “hacking” person cannot be seen by anyone.

Additional functions: User can like the text messages and images shared in Worldself. Also user can leave a comment to the texts and images. Also user can see the number of visitors to his / her profile during the current month.

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