Bowling Green, Kentucky has a giant concrete park. Over the course of a couple of months, at weekly Tuesday Night Skate sessions, some aggressive rollerblading was done. Some of it was captured on camera(s) and with that footage comes this joyful edit. It turned out to be one of those kinds of edits that make you smile while watching it. Featuring some unique skating by well known skaters and a handful of future doods. Please feel free to like and share. This one goes out to anyone out there who still has a good time skating with your homies. Never stop having fun. This is how we rise.

Sk8ing by :

Daylen Cole
Michael Cole
James Hawkins
Chad Anthony
Greg Preston
Roger Langley
Cameron Martin
Julian Mire
Chris Kelley
Willy Parker
Ethan Pugh
Kyle Golden
Kai Parkerson

If I die, before I wake. At least in Heaven, I can skate.

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