Thanks to everyone for checking out our page and supporting us by watching our videos. Let us know what ya think of the videos. The point of the film is to document the sport of drifting in its real, grassroots, no-bullshit, purest form. We all have low-buck, home built cars, and no sponsors, just like most of you guys out there. But what we do have is a common passion for burning the shit out of used scrap tires, and livin life sideways. In no way are we promoting street drifting, but if you are gonna do it please be safe, and help everyone move this sport forward. Thanks again, and we look forward to your input……

Had two GREAT premiers (one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna) so now its time to show the world. Had tons of fun making this, a lot of late nights, laughs and Red Bulls. Hope this gets a few people pumped for the 2010 season. Tryed to make the video show the kind of atmosphere we surround ourselves in here in the Okanagan, but it seemed hard to do so ill sum it up. Only reason we do what we do is for fun, there are no comps, nothing to prove, just friends sharing a common interest and having a blast while doing it.

Anyways.. crank up the volume and play this shit already!


Everything you do is a ballon - Boards of Canada

System overload - The Datsuns

Coasting ft. K.Flay - Zion i

Un monde parfait - ilona

Ghosts and Stuff - Deadmau5

Harder then you think - Public enemy

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