On August 11th, 101 years after the manifest of Carlo Carra “La Pittura dei suoni, rumori, odori: Manifesto futurista” [The Painting of Sounds, Noises, Smells: Futurist Manifesto], Peter de Cupere signed the Olfactory art manifest with his 'own smell' which he has developed over the past 2 years through distillation of his bodily smells.

Not just a smell, but a composition of the smells of his body, skin, breath, sweat, spittel, nose drops, blood and many more smells you can imagine with a person. The smells are substracted on different times, after different moments, after special diners made for him self by him self.

After two years of intensively collecting his bodily smells and distilling these, he has only a small bottle ‘Own Smell’ at my disposal. This smell extract is the ink to sign the manifest.

More info on: olfactoryartmanifest.com

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